Wadena Storm Shelter - Safe Room

Safe Room

In the event of severe weather warnings or other civic emergencies, Wadena area residents have access to the FEMA Safe Room which is located on the north side of the Wadena Deer-Creek Middle-High School, at Community Center Drive in southwest Wadena.

The FEMA Safe Room is designed to shelter large groups. The access doors are electronically opened by the Wadena County Sheriff 911 dispatch under the direction of law enforcement. In the event of severe weather or other civic emergencies where emergency shelter is needed, local law enforcement and emergency management will activate and monitor the FEMA Safe Room operations.

If a severe storm warning is issued by the National Weather Service and a notice to seek shelter is given, or the early notification sirens are activated; allow yourself time to reach the FEMA Safe Room. Listen to your local radio stations, KWAD 105.9 FM, KSKK 94.7 FM or the NOAA weather radio, and seek shelter immediately if a violent storm approaches.

The FEMA Safe Room is designed to shelter those residents that are living in mobile home parks orother homes that lack adequate shelter from severe storms; or those traveling or attending outside events. This shelter is also used in the event of severe winter storms and power outages were temporary sheltering is needed. The Early Warning Sirens will be activated in the event of imminent danger. You should seek shelter immediately.

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